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Only a short while ago, we are able to find a need to bother trying to dance works, through collection, gallop network, the result is not satisfactory.

For example, I want to make a group, want to use props viscous fan, want to find the relevant works have a look, the first idea is to turn a collection of your own, perhaps can find familiar, unfamiliar but watch a lot of CD also may not be able to find, and if I want to find a suitable for the elderly to jump viscous fan dance, fan dance or dance professional consistency, it will be more difficult.

For this purpose, I would like to establish a classification database by using the developed network of dance, dance to search resources through many ways, for our study, work to bring convenient. As library index database.

Dance resource library is a platform for our planning for many years, 09 years ago, just thinking of making a "library", included at all times and in all countries, published or unpublished dance works, make this platform becomes a cyber source library, library of dance.

The ultimate aim is to collect and collate relevant information to facilitate the query of dance, buy, reference, learning. Let everyone see the dance, dance can be very convenient for.

Video data is one of the best ways to learn dance, and find the corresponding data added to our infinite difficulties, whether to buy or teaching, "select" let us become numb, our first objective is to simplify our work, we will dance video data of all classified, including the type of work press album, directing, acting, actor, content and other aspects.